VPS Server Hosting Hungary

Hungary VPS Server Hosting

More and more tech experts are shifting their web hosting from Shared hosting to Virtual private server. So if you have a business or company website and you want to target internet users of any specific region or country then you shall also consider about migrating your apps and websites at the nearest location where your visitors are. We are providing Cheap VPS Hosting Server in Hungary. If you want to make your online business successful in Hungary, then you shall host your website on dedicated virtual private server to give more speed, power, resources and security. Most of the people who have website with heavy traffic, or online eCommerce store, special applications and softwares have already shifted their businesses to dedicated servers and VPS. With VPS Hungary you get the root access of the server, and you can make configuration and install softwares which are compatible with your applications for optimal performance. In Hungary based Virtual private server you get dedicated IP from local data center and your data is served to the people from well protected, secured servers. We have advanced infrastructure and networking system which ensures delivery of data with super fast speed. We only use premium branded hardwares and use KVM virtualization to deploy VPS servers which is the most advanced technology and ensures provision of allocated resources of RAM, SSD Storage disk, Cores and Space. Low latency rate help websites to rank well in the local search engine.

Hungary VPS Hosting

When you purchase Hungary VPS Server from serverslot we guarantee 99.99% uptime, and we ensure that the resources mentioned in your selected plan will only be used by your website or app. No one will share it with you. VPS is advanced form of web hosting and provides complete control over the server, you can control hardware, can install operating system of your choice, can make security more tight if you are concerned about data protection, and can install other softwares if you required any for proper functioning of your software of application. VPS server provides you complete control and you can change the environment of server according to your needs thus it helps you to make your applications run optimally to provide good user experience to your vistors. VPS Server hosting is also used by those webmasters who want maximum resources for their website. Not everyone can afford cloud hosting or dedicated server, so VPS is hybrid between dedicated server and shared hosting and provide perfect solution for online growing business with fast speed, security, reliability and scalability.

Fully Secured VPS Server Hosting in Hungary

In our tier III data center your data is completely secured, we monitor interior and exterior of the facility 24x7 through CCTV system and security guards are always available to protect the data centre. All the CCTV videos are archived and can be seen for evaluation if ever need be. Our technical staff is always logged in and continuously monitor the site to constantly control all the critical points and routes. We provide security to our data center with perimeter fence and remote controlled gate, more security is added through concrete pillars and hydraulic delta road blockers. There is only one single point entry through which we can enter in Data centre. Only employees and staff who wear personal identification badge and are positively personalised for the data centre tasks are allowed to enter in the data centre. Record is made whenever someone enters or exit from the DC building. Our all data centres are environment friendly and have advanced cooling, smoke detection and fire suppression equipment designed for maximum security and to avoid any damage.

Improve your online presence with Virtual Private Server

Now a days most of the people rely on the internet to buy products and services. So it is very important that your website is available all the time, otherwise you have great chance that you will lose your potential customers. So all the companies primarily need to shift from shared hosting to dedicated resources. In shared hosting resources of RAM, Space are shared by other users, and it does not guarantee you the utilization of resources. So best thing is to move your website to dedicated server, but due to heavy cost, it is not affordable for all webmasters. In this case VPS is the best possible solution, it provides great comfort when you known that your allocated resources are not used by any other user on the server, and your application will only use the given resources. So it gives your application fast speed, low latency, high performance, which ultimately results in more visibility and exposure of your business and thus helps in making the business successful online. Virtual dedicated server hosting is cheap than cloud and dedicated hosting and is a must used thing if your business has potential of growth and have good number of traffic.

Switching from another Provider

We have a fully dedicated and experienced migration team which is on standby to transfer all your important files, data, content from your old provider and configure it on our servers for optimal performance of your website. You can also transfer your domain to our company to manage all your domain hosting services at one place. Our technical staff is well qualified and experienced and will migrate your files and data quickly without any downtime. We provide free migration services with our managed VPS server hosting packages. Our premium managed VPS is completely secured and well protected and have industry's best hardwares and advanced softwares.

Professional 24x7 Technical Support

Client satisfaction is our top priority, we believe that our clients deserve only the best so we do not settle down on providing anything less. Our technical staff and support team is available always ready to provide you complete detailed assistance and to answer your queries. Our company is well developed and have advanced infrastructure, there is a complete dedicated team available 24/7/365 to provide you with instant and high quality solution of all your problems. We are serving the industry since more than a decade, so feel free to try quality web hosting solutions. Contact us to take the expert opinions, tell them your requirements and you will definitely get some best solutions which will fit best with your web hosting needs at low cost. We can provide you completely customised well configured most secured virtual private servers.

Friendly Customer Service

Customer services is the backbone of a company, we believe in serving with the best possible solutions available. So feel free to contact us through email, or ticket if you have any questions or confusion about anything related to website hosting, payment methods, or any related stuff.

Customer Care

We are here just not to make money, we believe in long term relationships with our clients. So we will always ensure that you get best ROI and get extraordinary services at cheap price. We will go to great lengths to make our customers happy.

Reliability and Security

When someone plans to create an online presence of their business, then he expects that whenever any visitor will come to his website through search engines, or by typing the url of website, the website shall be loading quickly and functioning properly. To make a business successful, 24 hours website up and availability is the basic necessity. We understand it completely, and we ensure 99.99% uptime guaranteed. When you purchase web hosting from our company, you can take complete rest, as we are always there to make sure that your website is up and ready for visitors. Great reliability comes with experience, our all managed VPS servers are more secured under our management with complete reliability and security. So under our management of server, reliability is not a question.

Fast Servers and Networks

When it comes about loading speed of websites and applications we do not settle down for anything less than the best. Super fast speed is essential to provide good user experience to your visitors. So we ensure that our network connections are no overloaded and are always up and running with light thundering speed.

Scalable services

If you your business is growing gradually and has great potential of growth then it is highly recommended that you host your website with a provider who can give you scalable services. With our simple upgrade system you have great flexibility to scale your VPS resources. You can add more bandwidth, disc space, ram, email accounts etc whenever you feel the need, easily and quickly.