How to reset root password via KVMIP using LANTRONIX SLS KVM Console

First of all you need a software must installed on your local system like JAVA, use link to install
then login to KVMIP through the given credentials by your data center, here you will find an interface Click on “Click to open KVM Console” a file will be downloaded on your system, copy that file and save wherever you want in your computer, then clcik on that file, it will automatically open in java and take you to LANTRONIX SLS KVM Consle.

You will find a button as “Confirm Ctrl+Alt+Delete” , simply click on that and then click OK, it will reboot your server, now wait for your server reboot and when it would be come back to initial stage of booting just after the main screen of two options like “setup” after rebooting, start clicking steadly any key in the key board, it will take you to “GRUB Screen“. Select CentOS version or whatever OS you have installed, probably the first one in the list then click “e” then you will find a screen asking you to choose “kernal”. Choose kernal and click “e“. Simply paste “single fastboot” in case of CentOS (Dabien/Ubuntu use this “init=/bin/bash“) after giving a space after the last line of editing page. Then press enter, it will take you back to the past screen then press “b“. It will reboot your server as Single User.

Here you need to simply paste the code as “passwd root” and add a new root password, confirm password again and the supply this command to reboot your server “reboot“, Then close the console, you have done all, simply use WHM/cpanel link to login now, it will ask you to change the root password, change again your desired password through whm/cpanel and that is all.

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