How we Set the frame work or ASP.NET and PHP Version in Parallel Plesk Control Penal?

Cause of Errors:  

Sometime Site Index page is not executed on server, because Developer Developed Site in different version of ASP.NET or PHP. But in server setting different version is running If you face these kinds of issue then how you set Your site on yourself.


You need to login in your Control penal via your Control penal Login Detail. When you will access your Control penal then you will reach in blew Page.






Now clink on Website & Domains Tab. After clicking you will reach blew page,








Then you need to enter in ASP.NET Setting for change the ASP.NET version. When you click on ASP.NET then you will on blew page.





Now click on Change version Icon for Set your desired Version, see blew Pic.




Set your desired version of your ASP.NET and click on OK after save the setting your site will be working fine.
If you are a Hosting Service provider then you can set these kind of setting for admin Control Penal of Parallel Plesk penal and changed setting of your desired Domain.
Home> Subscriptions> Domain name > Website & Domain then set your domain required Setting.


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