FULLY-MANAGED Dedicated Server Netherlands

Located in the best and most secured datacenter of Netherlands our dedicated servers are on fully backed up network to offer superior performance and high accessibility. You can always be sure that we will meet all your datacenter needs with advanced security system and high connection capacity. You can customize each server in accordance with your requirements related to operating system, software, CPU usage, custom applications, RAM, diskspace, virtualization and much more. Move your IT project to our high quality seamless server for better performance of your website and applications or to provide best user experience to your clients. Contact our professional team today to get detailed information about our rental services, we provide complete customized solutions for all kinds of business needs. We provide fully flexible dedicated hosting, you can configure the resources and hardware and can choose the operating system, when you are ordering.


What is a Dedicated Server?

In this type of hosting you lease the entire server which is not shared with any other user. You have complete control over the server including the choice of hardware and selection of operating system. With root access the server administration is controlled by yourself in the form of software, whereas we provide 24/7/365 customer support related to hardware tasks. With our easy to use advanced management system you can view and manage your server bandwidth, usage reports, reboot your system and much more at any time of the day. Managing your dedicated machine was never so easy. Our most demanding Dedicated Servers in Pakistan are given below:

Processor Memory Space Traffic Price
Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 3.30Ghz
(04 Cores - 08 Threads)
16GB ECC DDR3 120GB SSD 50TB1Gbit/s $74/moOn sale - Save 12% ORDER
Intel Xeon E3-1240v5 3.50Ghz
(04 Cores - 08 Threads)
32GB ECC DDR4 250GB SSD + 2TB HDD 50TB1Gbit/s $99/moOn sale - Save 15% ORDER
Intel Xeon E3-1230v6 3.50Ghz
(04 Cores - 08 Threads)
16GB ECC DDR4 1TB HDD 100TB1Gbit/s $129/mo ORDER
Intel Xeon E-2236 3.40Ghz
(06 Cores - 12 Threads)
32GB ECC DDR4 2 x 2TB HDD SATA 100TB1Gbit/s $169/moOn sale - Save 20% ORDER
2x Xeon E5-2620v4 2.10Ghz
(16 Cores - 32 Threads)
32GB ECC DDR4 1TB HDD SATA 100TB1Gbit/s $197/moOn sale - Save 35% ORDER
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.60Ghz
(08 Cores - 16 Threads)
32GB ECC DDR4 500GB NVMe SSD 50TB1Gbit/s $239/mo ORDER

High Performance

Our advanced equipment and premium network ensures the high performance of our web servers. Serverslot offers best dedicated hosting solutions for your every need. Machines which we use are totally new and equipped with branded hardware with fast premium network connectivity. It provides best high-performance server leasing services with latest hardware, super fast speed, high availability and advanced datacenter built with state of the art architecture.


The servers which you have rented with our company are reserved for you and nobody share any resources or hardware. It means you get more privacy and security for all your data and applications by isolating the files and databases from other servers (cloud or virtual).

Dedicated Server Gives you Dedicated Resources

In dedicated server all rights and resources are exclusively in the hand of single person or company. No data of any other company or user is hosted on your server. The processor, diskspace and RAM of the server is used by one person or company. If you are concerned about speed, security, control and have a company or resource intensive website which need dedicated resources then it is the time you shall have a physical server.

Get Rid of Investment Costs

With our modern infrastructure and state of the art architecture of datacenter facility you do not need to invest in servers. You can lease our high performance next generation servers to fulfill all your web hosting needs. If you need any specific server hardware or model which is currently not included in our configuration then you can request our support team, our company will purchase that model for you and will rent the server model you want without any additional charges.


All Dedicated servers holds the advance features as compare to other available options such has shared web hosting or Virtual private server (VPS) with full root access.

With growth in your business when you feel that your project need more resources such as port speed, hardware, operating systems, traffic and ip address etc. When you think that the current infrastructure of your server is inadequate you can easily upgrade your services.

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Serverslot provides hosting services through its own unique IP blocks. From your customer panel you can easily setup rDNS for your server IP addresses.

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All our dedicated web server provide services with 100% uptime rate and 1Gbps port speed. All our services are integrated 100% and provide full redundancy to offer uninterrupted connectivity.

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Benefites of Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers have many benefits such as you have full control and privacy with no tolerence policy of intrupption at any point. We will have no access on your server. You can make as much business as you want. These machines are highly brustable which control heavy instance of traffic as well. There are few basic benefits we have given below:

Our support team is available 24/7 365 days of the year and you can get any technical support you want by submitting support ticket through customer panel or via email address.

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We provide root/administration access to you through remote desktop, so you can easily and quickly reboot or stop the operations of your server whenever you want through your control panel.

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With our advanced control panel you can easily view and manage your server operations and can make changes quickly online.

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With each server you have optional RAM, Hard, IPv4 and Software configurations. You can choose these hardware and software according to web application requirements.

To manage a dedicated server you do not need to be an IT expert. There are millions of tutorials available online which you see and learn to administer and control your server easily. Our experts are always available there to provide you with managed hosting solutions so you need not to worry about managing server online.

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We provide WHM/cPanel and DirectAdmin, but if you need any other software we can provide you installation service. We make sure fast provision of your order soon after payment confirmation. You can upgrade your server even after purchase.

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All our servers are completely upgraded with licensed softwares, equipped with branded hardware, are fully redundant and located in most secured datacenter facility in Netherlands. High speed internet connectivity and data placed in advanced dedicated machines with complete redundancy let your project give best performance by utilizing full hardware and software resources.

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Deal with High Volume of Traffic

It is perfect to be used by companies which have heavy traffic on their website, or need a lot of data, images, videos etc to be hosted on the website. Have concern about the protection and security of data and want the website to be available to the readers and users without any downtime. Then you need hosting resources in according to your business capacity and volume. First thing you need to do is host your website on data center. Because when you have a separate server, because when you have the complete server, you can change the security settings and install more softwares to make the data completely secured. When nobody share the resources with you, it means not any other person has the access to use your data and information. You can change the settings and upgrade the hardware of system whenever you feel the need to get higher performance. When you rent a dedicated server you have all the available storage space which can be increased anytime. So there will be no problem related to diskspace and accommodation. You will alone use all the hosting space for your project. You can choose the free server space to create weekly or monthly backups or can use the way you want. In shared server as the resources are shared by all so the server slowdown or website become unavailable for short period of time. So to host your high traffic website on physical server for more stability and high performance of your website or application.

Un-managed Dedicated Server Support

  • Initial setup of dedicated server hosting
  • Installation of Control Panel if License is purchased from our Compnay
  • Re-installation of OS (Operating System)
  • rDNS Setup
  • Network and Hardware related issues.
  • Self-managed Managed Fully managed
    Monitoring ? Proactive: Network & host Proactive: Network & host reactive: container (stats via NodePing) Proactive: Network, host, container (stats via NodePing)
    Root access ? 1-click enable 1-click enable
    Control panel ?
    APP installs & updates ?
    Backups (snapshot) Disaster recovery only Disaster recovery w/ On-demand (1 snapshot) Disaster recovery w/ On-demand (1 snapshot)
    Migrations ? Optional
    Support ? Optional
    Dedicated IPs 1 3 3
    SMTP email relays 5.000 5.000 5.000


    Here are few of the most requested Questions by our customers. If you have any special request of any special question then please let us know via contacting us on support or via calling us.

    Dedicated hosting is quite a premium thing as compare to normal hosting or shared web hosting. The dedicated hosting is based on dedicated resources. It helps you make your website more responsive, more active and more traffic controlling body.

    VPS is virtual machine we create within a server while a dedicated hosting or dedicated server is the full machine with dedicated resources without having any sharing with any person. Which means dedicated servers have more resources cores, ram, hard etc than of a virtual private server (VPS).