VPS Hosting Brazil

Brazil is officially known as the “Federal Republic of Brazil’’, it is the largest country in Latin America as well as south America with almost 214 million people living in it, you need VPS in Brazil buy serverslot’s outstanding VPS Hosting in Brazil with amazing and unique characteristics, you can purchase VPS for both Windows and Linux operating systems and their versions are also available, and if you want to know the prices of VPS in Brazil you can check out the plans given below under we have segregated plans with minimum to max specification. Secondly, we provide outstanding and as well as economical VPS hosting in Brazil, according to stats Brazil is the 9th biggest economy in the globe and the 5th largest country by area, and it has a keen interest in the world's big businesses and companies, the literacy rate is also very high in the Federal Republic of Brazil, people is very educated and understand the market well, so it is easy to expand businesses there order now economical Best VPS in Brazil (any city where you want it) why you choose us, our VPS are

  • Super fast

  • Fully secure

  • Very cheap price

  • The best hardware installed

  IPv4 Range: 38.54.57.xxx  

Dedicated IP
Dedicated IP
Full Root Access
Full Root Access
SSD Disk Drives
SSD Disk Drives
5/100 MBPs Network

Price of Brazilian Nodes

when you go through various landscapes, resources, and charges that are mentioned below choose one that fits best your demands and place your order on our website to have the best Virtual private server service and to go live from within Brazil. Our rates are very economical and affordable than other companies in the prevailing industry according to your description, you can include various other aspects after clicking on order now. Every package is extracted with lesser to more

  • CPU Power

  • Burstable RAM

  • Great Transformation of Traffic into clients

  • Top Notch STorage Engine

to make them work for the requirements of all classes of end users from individuals to big companies.

Core(s) Memory Storage Traffic OS Price
01 2 GB 50 GB 1000 GB Windows Linux OS $22.95/mo ORDER
02 4 GB 50 GB 2000 GB Windows Linux OS $39.95/moOn sale - Save 21% ORDER
04 8 GB 50 GB 3000 GB Windows Linux OS $69.95/moOn sale - Save 25% ORDER
08 16 GB 50 GB 4000 GB Windows Linux OS $99.95/moOn sale - Save 17% ORDER
08 32 GB 50 GB 5000 GB Windows Linux OS $149.95/mo ORDER
16 32 GB 50 GB 6000 GB Windows Linux OS $199.95/mo ORDER

Other Locations you can Select from

We have accross the globe data centers which makes us one of the most effective and demanding data centre, You name the country where you want your server and we will give you the best specs and price accordingly..

Economical yet best Brasilia VPS

Our VPS are cheapest among other market competitors, our company uses cost-efficient techniques to save the resources of our customers, we assiduously save the more cost nevertheless we never compromise on the quality of our VPS. In the market of Brazil, we are leaders and selling VPS at very cheap prices. We are very popular in Brazil due to our low prices and at these minimum prices, we get our lovely customers the region's best VPS. As markets are getting saturated day by day due to worlds changing dynamics our company keeps this in mind while selling our VPS, we always keep our margin very low and sell at even a cost price in this way get max sales and more sales keep us for the welfare of Brazil.

Available Add-ons

  • WHM/cPanel control panel 5 Domains

  • Plesk control panel Web Admin

  • Additional IP

  • Internet Port

    2 Mbps to 100 Mbps

Cheap VPS Hosting UAE

Notable Virtualization Facilitation Hallmarks

Below there are many qualities mentioned that we provide whenever someone purchases a VPS from serverslot. one thing that our customer needs to know on the land of brazil we the only one company that sell VPS with maximum features, not only we provide as many features but also keeps our prices very low, we don't charge our customers unethically like other companies in Brazil do, injustice with people.


Complet Root Access

Brazil-based VPS is the best we give our customers the root level access, root-level access means you will have almost all control in your hand , and we will allow you to have unimpeded and unrestricted access to VPS The necessity for root access stems from system managers wanting whole control over the server.


Scaleable Features

Our VPS of Brazil are fully scalable which means they have the ability to be increased or expanded in efficiency and in size too at the of operational demands.


Ruby Version Manager (RVM)

With Cpanel or Plesk panel we facilitate our beloved customers & provide you with the latest RVM. This is one of the most important elements in the new era of web applications controlling and running smoothly.


Inaccessible Security

Our team is well aware of the security issues the client faces while using virtual private servers,as the internet is open source which means, it is accessible by everyone,even hackers can intrude personal space,that’s why we provide the best security firewalls along with the VPS servers.


RNDS free setup

If you buy from us in Finland we will give you Rnds free setup installed on your virtual machine.Not only it but also this but also we keep you updated about the new versions of it.


Low down the latency rate

Buying from us in Finland will give you another wonderful benefit,which is that you will get VPS from where you can upload or download your data very easily without any delay, and this is called low latency rate vps and we guarantee such low latency in our servers.


No Restriction

Our company gives you full control over the VPS and doesn't restrict any port, you can use according to your will not face any kind of blockage from our side, our port number and transport protocol never entirely get blocked by ISP which is an internet service provider when it identifies any sort of traffic.


Necesseriliy Managed Servers

Our Premium Managed VPS Services are the best and most demanding products in the industry. There are thousands of clients who are enjoying this. In this service, you run your application and we will deal with all technicalities regarding your server.


SSD (Solid state drivers)

To give the best performer VPS we use SSDs rather than HHDs as solid-state drives are much faster than the others, VPS are built in incredibly smooth, fast, and ever-lasting SSDs, iwhich will increase the speed of your applications and enhance the efficiency of the websites and web application installed in it.

Security problem resolved

In Brazil previously there were a lot of security issues, we are well of this due to this our company decided to provide our customers well secured VPS in this region.

Least pings

In surroundings of United Arab Emirates, usually the customer needs least pings VPS which are best for uploading and downloading from websites, we provide the best VPS in this regard.

Cheap rates

Our VMs are very low priced and best performance-wise, we build cost-effective servers that each can afford from and individual customer to a business firm. We provide all packages at very low rates to customers.

Very low latency rate

Buying from us will give you another wonderful benefit, which is that you will get VPS from where you can upload or download your data very easily without any delay, and this is called low latency rate VPS and we guarantee such low latency in our servers.

Unlimited bandwidth

In the United Arab Emirates, the internet traffic is much more than in any other state so we decided to provide our beloved customers with unlimited bandwidth so they can use the VPS and run their websites and applications very smoothly.

Operating System

With this location there are about all flavors of Linux and Windows server are available, if you will find anything missing, do ask us, we will consider including image for that too.

Linux windows os
Linux Flavors
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debia
  • Fedora
Windows Versions
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016

Best Brazil VPS in Cheapest Price

You can alway rely on our infrastructure which can be purchased in least cost with a guarantee of maximal power and security.


Least Middle East Latency Guaranteed

In whatever Middle Eastern regions you are, whether you need quickest transformation of data or fastest loading within Emirates states or nearby countries, it is great for all.


Know all relevant to your queries you always have in yopur mind before buying a Middle Eastern Virtual Machine.

Why Brazil VPS Hosting?

In shared hosting, the resources are not equally distributed or specifically allocated to users that and the server environment is not secured. So if you are an entrepreneur or website owner and looking for better web hosting options then we will highly recommend you to try Virtual Server. It is not as expensive as a dedicated server or cloud hosting, but it gives completely dedicated resources. You can even install software, applications, and add-ons necessary for the optimal performance of your application. There could be several reasons to host your website in a virtual environment. But some of the most important reasons are better controlled, dedicated resources, security, scalability, and ease of management. If your website contains crucial information or sensitive information, then you cannot host it on shared hosting due to security issues, and if your website is well established and is receiving an enormous inflow of traffic then it is the correct time to shift your website from shared hosting to VPS server hosting. In Virtual Hosting, you can change the environment of the server by the deployment of requisite programs and platforms essential to the changing scenario of business requirements.

Why ServerSlot for Brazil Servers?

If your business is United Arab Emirates target oriented or it has anything to do with Brazil country then you need to host your website or apps on a server located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc to have a low latency rate. The latency rate depends directly on the distance between the end user accessing your application through the browser or app and the server where you have hosted your website. If there is a huge gap then it will adversely affect the performance of your website and it will take a much longer time in loading. If you have a company in Brazil and you want to host your software or any management system etc online for this purpose you can try private VPS server hosting. In it, your data will be completely secured and easily accessible at any location in the world. Our engineers have great experience in catering custom configurations to create hassle-free flexible environments for the data inflow and function of the company. Our experts will make sure that our servers have completely compatible frequently with the software and platform that you are using in your organization. So you can create a special environment according to your needs by using the best VPS server hosting provided by Serverslot to control, manage and secure important data.

  1. Best Provider in Town.

  2. Cheapest Costs.

  3. Lowest Latency.

What type of VIrtualization I should select?

Nowadays all banks, IT companies, schools, stores, eCommerce websites, Gaming Zones, Shopping Malls, Universities, and small to multi-national companies have their online presence, applications, important data, or services to offer to local as well as international clients. In such scenarios, it is necessary that you choose a web hosting company that provides you with Fast speed, dedicated resources, scalability, easy upgrade and downgrade facility, with complete security and protection at a cheap price. We have thousands of happy clients that are completely satisfied with our web hosting services and customer support in Emirates. The main reason for the success of our company is the great quality and support, most of our clients are those which are recommended by our old clients. That is the reason we do not need any promotion or advertisement and our company is well known by the web developers, designers, SEO experts, students and small, medium to big well-established firms and companies. If you need any kind of custom VPS environment for specific applications, software, or configurations our technicians and engineers are available 24*7 to assist you and to perform the task our client requests.

What kind of scripts/code I can run?

You can run all your applications, scripts, and software smoothly as data is transferred on our virtual private machines at lightning speed and is served to the end users instantly. It is due to our branded hardware, highly reliable, superfast load raid, and enterprise SSD storage with a speed of up to 100000 IOPS. The location of servers matters a lot when as does the presence of a local business. So we are providing the best VPS server hosting in Brazil with a local Dubai based IP address. Our company offers VPS and dedicated hosting services from more than 45 locations of different data centers around the world. So if you need web hosting from the server of any other specific location then we can also provide you with it. We believe in customer satisfaction which is the reason our all focus is on providing high-quality services to our Brazil clients.

Does any basic knowledge or experience is required?

Normally people think that they cannot manage a VPS server themselves and need servers and networking knowledge to manage it, that is the reason they keep on using the shared hosting in spite of a lot of issues and problems and keeps struggling. But you do not need to worry, even if you no nothing about servers and all the geeky terms related to hosting. Our engineers are well qualified and experienced enough to manage your VPS servers and you can select managed VPS server hosting while placing the order and can request this service later on too even after placing the order. All our managed VPS servers come with high-performance fast speed, complete security, reliability, and control. Our experts will make all the necessary configurations for the perfect functioning of your application. It is completely latency free, and as we are providing a free server migration facility with no downtime. Our engineers will transfer all the files and databases from your old provider to our servers effortlesslyand quickly.

What is one click script installation?

It is not an easy thing for newbies to install scripts and content management systems to create websites, forums, and other online platforms. Installing scripts online was never so easy. Now you can install more than 400 different types of scripts online by using softaculous with a single click. Softaculous tool is available and ready to use in our managed VPS hosting inside cPanel.

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