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Do you need a VPS in Egypt then you are at the right place, serverslot is the best company that is selling in VPS in this region, Egypt is a country that connects, Northeast Africa, and the Middle East The popular Nile river is also in Egypt, the capital city of Egypt is Cairo and it is a place that is home to Ottoman Empire landmarks. Egypt is very popular due to its monuments. Egypt is officially known as the Arab Republic of Egypt it is also called Misr. The biggest city of Egypt is Cairo and its second biggest city is Alexandria and which is an important industrial and tourist hub in the Mediterranean. Egypt has the longest history as compared to any other country. If you need a Virtual Private Server (VPS) that can be used for different purposes like a proxy server, gaming server, or you need for getting a specific .when you want a particularly Egyptian virtual private server then the best and cheapest priced VPS are available on our website you just need to select the relevant package according to your demand and requirement and order it urgently our Egyptian based VPS are super fast with markets best hardware installed in it, our company uses SSDs rather than using HHDs because we need to sell the best speed VPS at cheapest price as to maintain our name in the market we have a legacy of around more than two decades with great progress, We provide fastest VPS with high pings and very low latency rate.

  IPv4 Range:,  

Dedicated IP
Dedicated IP
Full Root Access
Full Root Access
SSD Disk Drives
SSD Disk Drives
5/100 MBPs Network

Price of VPS in Egypt | packages that suits your demand

Serverslot is the market leader which sells Egypt's best VPS at very affordable prices in addition this minimum cost provides free installation and reinstallation if needed anytime also our 24/7 available team helps the client without any charges. Under below there are several packages given with their specifications and prices, one thing is best about our company is we don’t charge our customers unethically like most of our competitors do, we have minimized our margin to best facilitate the customers, focusing on the customers makes a company more resilient, we are innovative and accept the changing demand of customers and build virtual private servers accordingly, and where our company is wrong we admit the mistakes and correct them immediately, we are not rigid in this regard. Serverslot provides Cheapest price VPS World's best VPS Reliable hardware Free OS Installation.

Cores Memory SSD Space Traffic OS Price
01 2 GB 30 GB 1 TB Linux OS $28.95/moOn sale - Save 10% ORDER
02 2 GB 40 GB 2 TB Linux OS $49.95/moOn sale - Save 9% ORDER
02 4 GB 60 GB 4 TB Linux OS $59.95/mo ORDER
04 8 GB 100 GB 5 TB Linux OS $89.95/mo ORDER
04 16 GB 150 GB 10 TB Linux OS $119.95/mo ORDER
08 32 GB 200 GB 15 TB Linux OS $189.95/mo ORDER
08 64 GB 400 GB 20 TB Linux OS $279.95/mo ORDER
02 2 GB 100 GB Unlimited Linux OS $59.95/mo ORDER
04 4 GB 150 GB Unlimited Linux OS $79.95/mo ORDER
04 8 GB 300 GB Unlimited Linux OS $99.95/mo ORDER
08 12 GB 300 GB Unlimited Linux OS $169.95/mo ORDER
08 16 GB 400 GB Unlimited Linux OS $199.95/mo ORDER

Indistinguishable Locations | For Cheap VPS Hosting

We the available around the globe, we are the world's top VPS selling company, we also sell in countries like egypt our data centers are established in every country we where sell. other similar locations are: Kingdom of Saudia Arabia United Arab Emirates Turkey Spain etc.

Best VPS sellers

We provide Root access to our customers, SSDs storage systems are best for businesses and giant companies Unlimited bandwidth in Egypt without interruption Unlimited Internet protocols (IPs). cPanel control Severslot ensures the cheap VPS Linux and windows as well with their different versions, with very high scalability of VPS, the function of VPS are that we install Perl Python PHP HTML scripts whenever our client purchases a VPS from us, hosting Virtual Private Server from the land like Egypt gives you full control, over low resources made specifically to handle this market, by this you guys will be able to expand your business, around the world by launching and your businesses in a country like Egypt. We offer Linux including versions CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and others, also we have the latest versions of the Windows operating systems. We have the best VPS handler they keep our customers satisfied in all ways.

Available Add-ons

  • WHM/cPanel control panel 5 Domains

  • Plesk control panel Web Admin

  • Additional IP

  • Internet Port

    2 Mbps to 100 Mbps

Cheap VPS Hosting UAE

Well known Services in Egypt

In Egypt serverslot is a leading company in selling VPS, there are different packages that we provide from basic plans which have minimum specifications to fully managed plans that are with the maximum specification. There are several key features that are given below, we are the only company that sells VPS in the land of Egypt with such credible features.


Scale Hosting in Egypt

Scale hosting is focusing on VPS hosting and meanwhile offers one of the high-quality hosting services in Egypt and our prices of VPS are too low than competitors in the Egypt. Our priority is customers and other companies in Egypt are usually charging the clients in an unethical way.


Most secure Egyptian VPS

Virtual Private Server we provide are the Secure which keep our customer easy to control, install and run websites and web-applications very easily.


Unlimited Internet protocols

In Egypt, we provide the best VPS with unlimited IPs and this is our speciality in the market of the Egypt, our customers can enjoy unlimited IPs.


Round the clock Support

Our Support system is out of the box as it provide you quick response with best solutions with every problem you get. You can reach us via email, ticket system or mobile numbers anytime 24/7.


Most perfect way of billing

Customers can to pay on monthly basis, we have very easy for customers to pay bills in a very easily way without any sort worries There are several payment methods you can check by scrolling down to the end of the website.


Root level Access

Egypt VPS are exact to your web hosting demands, you can acquire root level access, you also can constantly improve your hsoting packages.


serverslot's Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base is the best solutions to sort out your issues if you buy un-managged VPS programe in Egypt. By using our knowledge base you will able to sort out any issue regarding installation etc.


Egyptian Managed Servers

Our Premium Managed VPS Services are the best and most demanding product in the industry of Egypt. There are millions of clients who are enjoying this. In this service you run your application and we will deal with all technicalities regarding your server.


SSD (Solid state drivers)

To give the best performer VPS we use SSDs rather than HHDs as solid-state drives are much faster than the others, VPS are built in incredibly smooth, fast, and ever-lasting SSDs, iwhich will increase the speed of your applications and enhance the efficiency of the websites and web application installed in it.

Security problem resolved

In UAE previously there were a lot of security issues, we are well of this due to this our company decided to provide our customers well secured VPS in this region.

Least pings

In surroundings of United Arab Emirates, usually the customer needs least pings VPS which are best for uploading and downloading from websites, we provide the best VPS in this regard.

Cheap rates

Our VMs are very low priced and best performance-wise, we build cost-effective servers that each can afford from and individual customer to a business firm. We provide all packages at very low rates to customers.

Very low latency rate

Buying from us will give you another wonderful benefit, which is that you will get VPS from where you can upload or download your data very easily without any delay, and this is called low latency rate VPS and we guarantee such low latency in our servers.

Unlimited bandwidth

In the United Arab Emirates, the internet traffic is much more than in any other state so we decided to provide our beloved customers with unlimited bandwidth so they can use the VPS and run their websites and applications very smoothly.

Operating System

With this location there are about all flavors of Linux and Windows server are available, if you will find anything missing, do ask us, we will consider including image for that too.

Linux windows os
Linux Flavors
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debia
  • Fedora
Windows Versions
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016

Cairo Best VPS Hosting Providers

If you have a website or business related to Egypt or if you are looking forward to provide your products and services to the people living in Egypt. Or if you are running a company who want to target the internet audience of Egypt, then the best way to make your business successful online in Egypt is to host your website locally in a data center that physically exist in that country or region. Because when the data is served locally to visitors it boost your website performance and speed. Currently if you have hosted your company or brand website on shared hosting, then your website speed may be very low, which results in poor performance of website and application. Those websites which take long time in loading have more chances of losing the potential customer or loyal reader. Keeping this thing in mind, it is suggested that you try VPS hosting. Which is an advanced hybrid type of web hosting and has features between shared and dedicated hosting. In this type of web hosting you pay a little higher than shared hosting and get dedicated resources just like that of dedicated server. You can completely control the environment of server, by installing the OS and softwares which are perfectly compatible with your application. VPS Servers are also best to create private networks and to host databases, in a more secured manner witch enhanced protection. We have created Best VPS Server Hosting plans to serve the people of Egypt and all those who want to host their website locally. If your website or application is hosted on any other company's shared or VPS hosting, then you can contact our support team to get help to migrate your website to our Super Fast speed Virtual private servers. Serverslot is one of the best Web Hosting company serving the clients with customized web hosting solutions since more than 12 years and have large number of clients across the world.

Egyption Cheap Virtual Private Servers

If you are looking cheapest VPS hosting in Dubai, You can buy from US.


Least Middle East Latency Guaranteed

In whatever Middle Eastern regions you are, whether you need quickest transformation of data or fastest loading within Emirates states or nearby countries, it is great for all.


Know all relevant to your queries you always have in yopur mind before buying a Middle Eastern Virtual Machine.

What are the benefits of vps hosting?

VPS Hosting is the priced control solution with high resources websites to control. It is the best move to make from shared web hosting to control server based hosting solutions at very affordable pricing range.

What type of storage availability?

We have all kind of solutions regarding HDD and SDD Solutions. It dosn't matter which server you are selecting you can request the SSD hard solutions with little increase in the pricing. So you can enjoy Linux based SSD VPS server as well as Windows Based SSD VPS Servers.

What is your technical support level?

We provide premium class support with each of our services. You can get the full scale support with our managed VPS server solutions. In this solution you just need to focus on your business and we will take care of all technical issues regarding your servers to make it smooth and best experience of your practicle life.

Can i scale up or down?

Yes it is possible but to downgrade of upgrade your package any time. But it require time to move on or move down and data move as well to new selected svps. It have little charges as well if you do not move your data yourself. In this senario our expert will deal the server moving data and make it running against a little charge.

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