VPS Server Hosting Latvia

ServerSlot offers competitive and gainful KVM Virtual Private Server Hosting in Latvia which is located in North Eastern Europe existing small size population of 1.84 million. As you have information that the 15th poorest country in Europe is Latvia, but it’s not feasible that this country will rank similar as today since our web hosting company is here for the encouragement of Latvian people who have aspiration to come own country in the catalogue of opulent countries. If Latvians purchase VPS hosting plans now from our tier III data center of Riga, Latvia that is within close range of them and host their businesses with us then someday, one time will come that they will closely arrive at their dream missions, and will achieve a marvelous success. In all respects, our data center in Riga is covered with brand-new cloud infrastructure, full of energy network ports, sufficient power switches, and monster huge storage drives. Those people who have their online websites, applications, e-commerce sites, projects, and apps in the land of Latvia can get further production by hosting with ServerSlot. Enjoy totally administrative level root access, enormously-fast NVMe storage disk drive, whole control on server, and measureless traffic for longtime.

  IPv4 Range: 185.56.88.xxx, 195.229.192.xxx  

Dedicated IP
Single Dedicated IP & Measureless Traffic
Full Root Access
Totally Administrative Level Root Access
SSD Disk Drives
Enormously-Fast NVMe Storage Disk Drive
5/100 Mbps Network Port & Whole Control

ServerSlot VPS Hosting Plans In Latvia

Our authentic web hosting company ServerSlot is offering inexpensive VPS Hosting plans in Latvia with affordable prices including guaranteed paramount uptime, dedicated individual environment, endless bandwidth, Windows/Linux OS, and NVMe drive. Within days, a significant change can turn up in that developed country if Latvian people build their websites and sell their branded products online because majority of people do not visit offline shops, rather they visit online shopping websites and order their needed products. Thus, must follow our that free brotherly advice and have a good time. Since each virtual private server hosting provider is highly responsible for security and protection that identifies the company verification, just like that, ServerSlot is also thoroughly careful about it.

Core(s) Memory NVMe Storage Traffic OS Price
02 2 GB 30 GB Unlimited Linux OS $22.95/mo ORDER
02 4 GB 50 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $33.95/moOn sale - Save 23% ORDER
04 6 GB 60 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $46.95/moOn sale - Save 30% ORDER
04 8 GB 80 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $69.95/moOn sale - Save 14% ORDER
06 10 GB 90 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $95.95/mo ORDER
08 12 GB 140 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $135.95/mo ORDER
10 14 GB 160 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $159.95/mo ORDER
16 16 GB 200 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $189.95/mo ORDER
20 24 GB 300 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $239.95/mo ORDER
24 32 GB 400 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $288.95/mo ORDER

Improve Website’s Performance

Most of the people in this world host their websites with shared hosting for year-to-year due to having lowest prices, feel happiness and consider that their websites will get astounding performance, but after a few days, their websites receive downtime. Kindly, don’t buy shared hosting because you not only have to share your resources, besides also have to share server. For this reason, host your website with only virtual hosting for month-to-month with affordable prices, but if you can afford yearly base then you can buy it year-to-year. We assure that you will get incredible improvement in your website’s performance that you can never obtain in shared hosting. Latvian business people who want to achieve victory in the close future, they should boost capacities of their server resources.

Available Add-ons

  • WHM/cPanel control panel 5 Domains

  • Plesk control panel Web Admin

  • Additional IP

  • Internet Port

    2 Mbps to 100 Mbps

Cheap VPS Hosting Latvia

Key Advantages of Latvia VPS Hosting

Bravo! There are infinite Advantages of Latvia VPS Hosting, but here are described key advantages that nobody can leave, rather everybody would like to get it. Let’s figure out!


Management is made easy like a pro

If our newly Latvian clients are not trained about that how to manage server or resources then talk to our professional team that will teach you every single point even you know or not. We assure that Latvians will manage their servers themselves like expert.


Latvia VPS is cheap than dedicated hosting

Compare our VPS hosting plans with dedicated hosting plans of other service providers, we know that you will definitely choose us because capacities of our resources are identical like dedicated plans but prices are different and reasonable.


Servers and sites migrations are free

We don’t take any charges while moving your servers, web sites, files, videos, images, and data from other companies of hosting services to our company. The great specialty of our company is that we provide unexpected redundant resources at minor cost.


Secured sockets layers (SSL) Certificates

Goal of delivering SSL Certificates absolutely for free is to shoot up the protection of your internet connectivity, web sites, and also to prevent sudden attacks, snooping, imitation, robbery of data and identity, etc.


Total root access and control via cPanel

The key advantage of Latvia VPS is that you will acquire total administrative root access and control via our trouble-free cPanel control panel. If you want to install any other operating system that we have not availability, you can install it.


Server activation without too late

Our trustworthy web hosting company provisions and activate your server without too late after finishing the process of payment. Noted, add new content on your website because almost all the visitors like to know latest information.


Mega security against viruses or threats

No one can protect his privacy, important files, data, personal details or documents without security. In accordance with that, we are providing mega security against viruses, cyber threats, spammers, hackers and scammers through firewall and DDoS protection.


Pledged 24x7x365 assistance for Latvians

ServerSlot pledges all Latvians that they will acquire a free protocol assistance of 24x7x365 which simply means that during 24 hours a day or 7 days a week, contact our skillful technicians to get response of queries abruptly.


Create Your Account

If you want to buy our VPS hosting plans in Latvia or send your queries through ticket then you will need to create your account. Plus, to create account, click on “CLIENT AREA”.

100 Percent Uptime

Uptime has a big relation with both server and web site to stay online for ages. ServerSlot guarantees that our clients in Latvia will enjoy one hundred percent uptime.

Demand Annually

All our above explained virtual hosting plans are monthly, if you’re not enjoyable with it then you can demand quarterly, semi-annually, annually, biennially or triennially plans.

Available Resources

We don’t compromise with the delivering of your resources. If you order plan of $95.95/mo then we deliver fixed resources like 90 GB NVMe, 8 GB RAM, and 04 Cores CPU.

Do Scaling

According to the business needs and to achieve objectives or goals, Latvian business people can do scaling up the capabilities of their dedicated resources.


Pay us through MasterCard or other sources of payment such as VISA Card, PayPal, Perfect Money, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency.

Operating System

Latvian people can choose one taste from our Windows and Linux operating systems including Windows Server 2019, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, or CentOS because ServerSlot is serving an open-handed choice of OS to them.

Linux windows os
Linux Flavors
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debia
  • Fedora
Windows Versions
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016

The Best Latvian VPS Hosting Provider (August 2023)

The top-notch and best Latvian VPS Hosting Provider in August 2023 is ServerSlot because it provides rich technology of NVMe storage drives, unique Dedicated IPv4 address, 100 megabits per second network port, scalability, reliability, flexibility, and awfully-fast servers. If you have not redundant income to afford VPS then Shared hosting is suitable for you as a starter. When your website expands and generates great income, you can move to VPS so that you can obtain five-star security, administration and management panel, and plus more. Our Latvia VPS is fit for small, moderate, or big web sites, optimal for e-commerce stores, best-example for large-scale projects, and outstanding for freelancers. Moreover, you can host your multiple applications, apps like WordPress and also other platforms namely Virtual Private Network (VPN), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blogs, Mail Services, etc. In the ground of Latvia, those people who have desire to attain online presence and uptime for years and years, ServerSlot is the globally reliable company that will complete your desire on-the-spot. At the last, we will say that don not go for those companies who provide virtual dedicated services on high-budget.


Least Latency Guaranteed

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You have full right to ask questions from us, and we have duty to answer your questions without any delays. Incidently, we have given answers of our clients questions. Let’s inspect!

Can I handle abrupt traffic spikes?

Since our servers in the land of Riga, Latvia are overall manageable and scalable, therefore, you can handle abrupt traffic spikes on your web site with easiness.

What makes ServerSlot flawless?

ServerSlot is really flawless since it serves ultra-modern services like state of the art Software and hardware, fully-managed control panel, round the clock assistance, and additionally more.

What benefit will I get with Latvia Virtual Server?

With our Latvia virtual server, you will get benefit of minimum latency and unbelievable website’s performance that you never looked forward to.

Do you provide a secure connection?

Yes, we provide a secure connection through SSL, firewall security and anti-DDoS attacks so that nobody can try to access your personal data, website, and documents.

How to contact your technicians?

You can contact our twenty four hours available technicians, engineers and experts by comfortable services of Live Chat, Email, Ticket or telephone call.

How can I buy Latvia VPS?

Latvian people can buy our suitable plans of Virtual Private Server hosting by selecting one payment option from Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, Perfect Money, VISA Card, MasterCard, or PayPal.

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