VPS Server Hosting Netherlands

In a colossal developed small country of Netherlands which is situated in northwestern Europe existent 17.6 million population, ServerSlot offers cost-efficient Virtual Private Server Hosting services including OS of Linux and Windows RDP, KVM Virtualization, best NVMe disk drives, 1 Dedicated IP, and 100 Mbps network port. Dutch people living in Netherlands having enormous wealth can earn moreover wealth if they spend their cash in ServerSlot which is a believable web hosting company providing judicious and fast Netherlands VPS servers since higher than half a decade. Becoming part of us, automatically online businesses, applications, websites, apps, databases, and E-Commerce online stores like Coolblue, Wehlamp of Netherlands will expand and grow expeditiously in all huge locations of this earth due to serving 100 percent Uptime SLA and guaranteed endless traffic. Love intensely and revel current technologies of our state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, speedy storage drives, and unnecessary power supply by our well-sustained Netherlands based Tier III data center.

  IPv4 Range: 185.56.88.xxx, 195.229.192.xxx  

Dedicated IP
100% Uptime SLA & 1 Dedicated IP
Full Root Access
Entire Control & Root Access
SSD Disk Drives
NVMe Disk Drives & Endless Traffic
5/100 MBPs Network


After the business process monitoring of Dutch companies, ServerSlot is offering pleasantly designed Netherlands VPS Server Hosting plans to all Dutch business-people and also those people who want to start up their businesses. Please keep in your mind that you will require VPS hosting chiefly when you have not any expertness to manage high-rise traffic of your business. That being the case, we are supplying our gigantic instances namely RAM, CPU, NVMe drive, limitless Bandwidth, and the facility of add-on with the result that you can manage your traffic with ease. Professional 24x7x365 Staff of us remain online during morning, noon, evening, or night, thus contact our staff today. So, without any doubt, from the following allotted Netherlands Virtual Hosting plans, pick out one right now!

Core(s) Memory NVMe Storage Traffic OS Price
02 2 GB 30 GB Unlimited Linux OS $22.95/mo ORDER
02 4 GB 50 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $33.95/moOn sale - Save 23% ORDER
04 6 GB 60 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $46.95/moOn sale - Save 30% ORDER
04 8 GB 80 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $69.95/moOn sale - Save 14% ORDER
06 10 GB 90 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $95.95/mo ORDER
08 12 GB 140 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $135.95/mo ORDER
10 14 GB 160 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $159.95/mo ORDER
16 16 GB 200 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $189.95/mo ORDER
20 24 GB 300 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $239.95/mo ORDER
24 32 GB 400 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $288.95/mo ORDER

Claim Us Now

All of our Netherlands clients can claim us now to add resources of server to get polished performance of their sites. Commonly, there are two virtual solutions for our clients, first solution is that they can boost their resources themselves with our convenient-to-use altogether managed custom cPanel without need of hiring any expert, on the other side, second solution is that they can contact our proficient support team and claim them to do whatever they required. Most of our clients are comfortably utilizing our server and getting fine growth of their sites with nil downtime because we deliver blazing swift Netherlands VPS server. Credit goes to only our web hosting company ServerSlot whose objective is to serve high quality of technology.

Available Add-ons

  • WHM/cPanel control panel 5 Domains

  • Plesk control panel Web Admin

  • Additional IP

  • Internet Port

    2 Mbps to 100 Mbps

Cheap VPS Hosting Netherlands

Advantages of Netherlands VPS Hosting

Be ready to get copious Advantages of Netherlands VPS server hosting including decent security, reliability, flexibility, scalability, sky-high performance, and more.


Sky-high performance of your applications

As ServerSlot delivers unlimited traffic, this is why applications and websites of Dutch people will achieve reliable and sky-high smooth performance in the all countries, not only in the country of Netherlands.


Install any Software on Netherlands VPS

On Netherlands VPS, Dutch clients of us can install any Software in accordance with their needs. We have availability of up-to-date Software like Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, Plesk panel, Direct Admin, cPanel.


Flexible control over server

With our custom cPanel control panel, you will attain spacious and flexible control over server. To achieve a instant triumphant, you can fittingly customize your server instances in consonance with requirements of your websites.


24/7/365 Netherlands based Support

Netherlands based a graceful support is available in time of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Pick up your phone and contact us through call, email, ticket, or live chat, you will not be charged any fees for this.


Assistance in migration exactly for free

Those Dutch people whose are hosted their websites to other Netherlands VPS hosting providers, but due to fresh virtual services of us , they are imagining to migrate to ServerSlot then we will help them to migrate exactly for free.


Get SLA of our 100% service

You can get SLA of our one hundred percent service without any charges. In our Service Level Agreement, we have distinctly described information about our virtual services, and also given guarantee of performance.


Upgrade/Downgrade your server

Goal of providing scalability with our Netherlands virtual private server is that you can conveniently upgrade or downgrade your server on request to uplift the business swiftly. Success of Dutch people is our success!


Entire Administrative root access

Dutch people in Netherlands will be given an entire administrative root access which is not given in Shared hosting. With root access, you can access your all system files, and also can manage them at own aspiration.


Storage Access

ServerSlot is offering fast NVMe disk drives as a new storage access to get rid of slow working old hard disk drives. Enhance speed and performance of your websites from the standard-level to the top-level.

Decent Security

We provide a decent security to our newcomer Dutch clients by means of firewalls, anti-DDoS, continual updates, and tough passwords. Without your approval, nobody can access your privacy.

Faster Response

Because our high-skilled client support team is technical, so, you will get faster response of your emails, phone calls, live chats, or tickets. Thank you for being our highly regarded client!

Vast SSL

You can receive vast SSL Certificates from ServerSlot which will assist you to protect your virtual servers, data, websites, files, internet connection, and payments. SSL boost ranking of search engine.

Report Your Issue

If you have issues relevant to our services or your own websites then you can report your issues to us, our experts will resolve them directly in no specific time. We are here for you whenever you need us!

Payment Types

Payment types of us are Perfect Money, MasterCard, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, Visa Card, and PayPal. As a self-choice, you can choose one type of payment to purchase VPS hosting in Netherlands.

Operating System

Dutch people in Netherlands will obtain a independent choice of Windows and Linux operating systems including CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2019.

Linux windows os
Linux Flavors
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debia
  • Fedora
Windows Versions
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016

The Best VPS Netherlands Hosting Provider (July 2023)

The best global VPS Netherlands Hosting Provider in July 2023 is ServerSlot which is compassionate with both well-endowed and bankrupt Dutch people. ServerSlot provides several benefits to everyone such as KVM remote root access, inexhaustible bandwidth, Linux and Windows operating systems, NVMe storage, instant deployment, 24x7x365 Dutch client support, IPv6 and IPv4, entire control, discrete dedicated environment, advanced flexibility and scalability in respect of configurations, and incredibly more. By cause of quick development of large-scale online projects of Dutch clients, they have confidence to our web hosting company and also suggest us with their companions and neighbour. In our clients suggestion, if you are seeking for serviceable and high-powered virtual private server hosting in Netherlands, you can buy from our top-rated and reasonable ServerSlot. To provide you server dedicated instances, we use kernel-based Virtualization technology. As we deliver our services exactly alike dedicated server hosting, so you have not need to purchase big-budget dedicated server, instead of it purchase our low-budget Netherlands virtual server. In the end, you don't have to share your instances because our every server has its individual instances in which you can operate your own operating systems like Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora etc.


Least Latency Guaranteed

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Affectionately, must know all related to your queries you always have in your mind before purchasing a VM (Virtual Machine).

Why Netherlands VPS Hosting of ServerSlot?

Netherlands VPS server hosting of ServerSlot is outstanding for Dutch all online projects, websites, databases, businesses, proxy, forex (FX) trading, applications, apps, artificial intelligence, and much higher.

Are Netherlands Servers fully managed?

Absolutely right! Netherlands servers of us are fully managed because we are serving custom control panels including cPanel, Direct Admin, and Plesk Web Admin with licenses. Enjoy our managed panels as well as you can!

I want KVM with my server, will you give me?

Why not! You will really get KVM Virtualization with your server since from all multiple geolocations, our servers are freshly KVM based. Create Virtual Machines now with our Kernel-based Virtual Machine.

Will I receive Unmetered bandwidth?

Yes, you will receive a guaranteed package of unmetered bandwidth afterwards buying our Netherlands VPS server. Dutch website owners will get unbelievable response from their websites due to unmetered traffic.

How long does it take to provide a Netherlands server?

There is not a long process to provide a Netherlands server because when you place an order, we immediately provide your server in a few minutes of 20-30, but in some circumstances, it may take time of at least 1 hour.

Can I pay with PayPal to buy Netherlands VPS?

Of course! Dutch people can pay with PayPal to buy our Netherlands Virtual Private Server Hosting. By the way, we have also more payment options such as Visa Card, Perfect Money, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, and MasterCard.

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