VPS Server Hosting Germany

ServerSlot offers reliable and moderate KVM Virtual Private Server Hosting services in Germany which is officially the federal parliamentary republic of Germany and is located in Central Europe. Now, Germans have not needed to invest superabundance of dollars to spread their online websites, platforms, applications, businesses, apps, and eCommerce stores like Amazon, eBay, MediaMarkt, Zalando, LidI, Idealo, etc, because our triumphant hosting company is giving various services namely inexhaustible traffic, super-fast NVMe storage disk drives, nimblest networking, and much higher at a cheap investment. So, must invest and host your countless websites with ServerSlot to make money a lot. For supplying state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure and power switches, we have settled TIER III Data Center in the land of Germany which is not far from you. If you have a great many questions then we also have their answers, so, make your own account via client area and submit tickets as much as is viable. Experts, Engineers and experienced Technical staff of us is forever online in 24 hours a day to resolve problems of all our Germans clients in shortly. Begin a business in Germany and grow it within some days!

  IPv4 Range: 185.56.88.xxx, 195.229.192.xxx  

Dedicated IP
1 Dedicated IP & Unlimited Traffic
Full Root Access
Total Control & Admin Root Access
SSD Disk Drives
Super-Fast NVMe Storage Drives
5/100 MBPs Network


We are offering cut-price Germany VPS plans so that Germans can afford them with well-being. Due to a lot of cost savings, and serving boundless dedicated resources such as manifold-cores of processor, high quality of memory, NVMe (non-volatile memory express) drive, everlasting bandwidth, and own choice of OS, ServerSlot justifies a great round of clapping. Why Germans are awaiting for one year to rank their websites in the top-stage of search engine, don't wait at all because with our verified platform they will certainly rank their websites during one month. Our Clients of Germany are spreading their businesses globally due to becoming sort of our hosting company. Hence, must click on the option of 'ORDER' and buy our Germany Virtual Private Server hosting plan instantaneously!

Core(s) Memory NVMe Storage Traffic OS Price
02 2 GB 30 GB Unlimited Linux OS $22.95/mo ORDER
02 4 GB 50 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $33.95/moOn sale - Save 23% ORDER
04 6 GB 60 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $46.95/moOn sale - Save 30% ORDER
04 8 GB 80 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $69.95/moOn sale - Save 14% ORDER
06 10 GB 90 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $95.95/mo ORDER
08 12 GB 140 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $135.95/mo ORDER
10 14 GB 160 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $159.95/mo ORDER
16 16 GB 200 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $189.95/mo ORDER
20 24 GB 300 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $239.95/mo ORDER
24 32 GB 400 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $288.95/mo ORDER

Enrich Today

To make more wealthier to the all lower standard and upper standard people living in Germany, ServerSlot is offering a colossal opportunity to enrich resources today. We are giving immense space of virtual nodes to our clients of Germans which are ultimate to run their websites online for a maximum time but if they more enhance space of their resources then they determinedly will get moreover growth of their websites which deduces high performance and revenue. A time will come in life of people existing in Germany that they will become wealthiest worldwide. Purchase our licensed cPanel control panel or Plesk at a suitable cost and use it to manage your own server, and also increase or decrease your virtual dedicated resources yourself.

Available Add-ons

  • WHM/cPanel control panel 5 Domains

  • Plesk control panel Web Admin

  • Additional IP

  • Internet Port

    2 Mbps to 100 Mbps

Cheap VPS Hosting Germany

Benefits of VPS in Germany

ServerSlot offers a great many benefits, profits, features, and advantages to our Germans clients having Virtual Private Server Hosting in Germany.


Spread applications and websites

With our reasonable Virtual Hosting in Germany, you can spread your online applications and websites all round the world within days. Our virtual dedicated resources having immeasurable capacities will help to obtain great performance as you never gotten ever.


Unlimited re-install any Software on VPS

Our clients of Germans can do anything such as unlimited install or re-install any Software on our German VPS. Keep in your mind that must only install legitimate Software, not illegitimate so that you have not to face any kind of viruses and threats.


Our team in 24/7/365 for Germans queries

In 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days an year, or even in vacations, Germans can send their queries to our hosting company, our technical support team will resolve their queries in no time. We're here to help our awaiting clients!


Resonant security against cyber threats

ServerSlot gives resonant security against any type of cyber threats, unauthorized or unwanted access, hackers, scammers, and spammers to our Germans clients through firewalls, SSL, and also anti-DDoS (Distributed-Denial-of-Service) attacks.


Flawless Scalability with ServerSlot

You will get flawless scalability with ServerSlot because it delivers an respectable authority to modify space of your virtual instances. Germans can scale up or down their instances themselves or if they want to get details about it then can contact us.


Get RDP and administrator access

Get now full remote desktop protocol (RDP) and administrator access with our virtual dedicated servers. Having this kind of power, you can snugly control, maintain, troubleshoot, and also monitor all devices attached with network. Enjoy our Germany VPS hosting!


Pay comfortably with Visa Card

Comfortably, you can pay with our short payment methods such as Visa Card, MasterCard, PayPal, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, or Perfect Money. Germans can choose one payment method which is suitable for them, and become popular through their online businesses.


Month-to-Month German VPS plan

For Germans, ServerSlot is offering month-to-month virtual server hosting plans, when they pay for one monthly plan, automatically they will obtain resources for one month. Thanks our company which also offers year-to-year plans on the client's demand.


Availability For Endlessly

Virtual hosting services of ServerSlot guarantee to our Germans clients that their all multiple websites are smoothly available and that uptime is enhanced from 99.99% to 100%.

10x Faster Download Files

Since we provide a monthly package of unbounded bandwidth, fastest NVMe storage disk drives, and additional resources, so, you can download your all big files 10x faster.

Competitive Pricing

Prices of ServerSlot German VPS plans are competitively cheaper than other Germany VPS hosting companies. So, must choose us to achieve your dream goals promptly before-long.

Strengthen AI System

With our vigorous cloud infrastructure, clients of us can strengthen their system of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and also can transmit data or files efficiently and speedily.

Low-Latency & High-Traffic

ServerSlot offers low-latency and high-traffic guarantee to all the people existing in Germany through Tier 3 data center. That's time to grow a small business within a short time.

Response Time In Minutes

Our response time is genuinely perceptible, that is why, you obtain response of your messages within minutes through our experienced staff. Your problem is our problem!

Operating System

Germans can choose one OS at their own choice from our best Windows and Linux operating systems such as Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu.

Linux windows os
Linux Flavors
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debia
  • Fedora
Windows Versions
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016

Top VPS Germany Hosting Provider (July 2023)

In this month of July 2023, if you are searching for best and top VPS Germany Hosing Provider then you should select our web hosting company ServerSlot because it provides low-budget German virtual private server hosting plans, free of cost SSL Certificates and domains, scalability, flexibility, SLA, low latency, one hundred per cent Uptime, administrative root and RDP access, KVM Virtualization, virtual dedicated instances, control panels like cPanel control panel, Plesk, Direct Admin, and recent operating systems of Windows or Linux like Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, CentOS. Half a decade have been spent to our experts, technologists, and professional staff in dealing of clients from all global locations on this earth. You can contact them via Email, Live Chat, Phone Call, or Submitting Tickets, and ask them questions if you want to obtain further details. Our Germans clients have faith in ServerSlot and also love a lot because of sudden growth of their businesses, applications and websites. As we respect our clients, they also respect us. Hence, we ensures that people living in Germany will enjoy our virtual services evermore.


Least Latency Guaranteed

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Must know all relevant to your questions you always have in your mind before buying a Virtual Machine.

Why Germany VPS Hosting?

All of the people in Germany can host databases, video streaming, websites, blogs, micro-services, forex trading, email services, proxy, machine learning, online eCommerce shopping stores, etc, with our Germany VPS Hosting.

Why ServerSlot for Germany Servers?

ServerSlot is the perfect platform than others if you need to get Germany based servers. Germans will not only save their hundred of dollars, rather also they will get immense resources.

What type of Virtualization I should select?

Germans must keep in their mind that when they purchase VPS from other hosting providers or from us, they should select KVM or OpenVZ Virtualization to obtain reliability and stability.

Will you guide me how can I get rid of spammers?

Don't panic at all about this matter because when you obtain our virtual server, we also deliver secured sockets layers (SSL), firewalls, and anti-DDoS attacks to get rid of spammers, hackers, and scammers.

How to easily Upgrade/Downgrade?

It's really easy to Upgrade or Downgrade virtual server and dedicated resources by utilizing our control panels such as Plesk panel, Direct Admin, or cPanel. Germans can do whatever they wish with their servers.

Can I buy Germany VPS with PayPal?

Yes, that's good to hear! You can buy our best Germany Virtual Server Hosting with Paypal, and also with Perfect Money, Visa Card, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, or MasterCard.

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