VPS Server Hosting Spain

ServerSlot having further than half a decade expertise in providing cheap services of VPS to multiple locations and also owning one hundred percent clarified client satisfaction offers low-end Virtual Private Server hosting in Spain which is the biggest country in Southern Europe. Spanish people can remarkably shorten latency, transfer lots of data instantly within the land of Spain, and also can target market of this location or any other if they host their online businesses on our dedicated VPS server hosting. From this time on, this country is acknowledged largest country due to the population of 47.5 million but contrary it comes in level 37 in the list of world’s wealthiest countries which is not good, for that reason, we have decided to provide our enormous assets to all Spaniards even poor, middle class or rich so that they can obtain online presence for ages and also earn millions of revenue because of getting high number of clients increasingly, automatically henceforth, officially Kingdom of Spain will become well-to-do and come in level 1 in all over the world. Hence, without wasting any time, host today your all websites, applications, apps, and eCommerce online stores like Amazon, Milanuncios, El Corte Ingles, eBay, Media Markt Spain, etc.

  IPv4 Range: 185.56.88.xxx, 195.229.192.xxx  

Dedicated IP
Single Dedicated IP (IPv4)
Full Root Access
Administrative Level Root Access & Intact Control
SSD Disk Drives
Smaller & Faster SSD Disk Drives
5/100 MBPs Internet Port


We are offering pay-as-you-go VPS Spain Hosting plans at low-cost. On month-to-month basis, you will only pay for the virtual dedicated resources you use up, may be slightly or extremely. Everyone is aware that some websites attain short-level of traffic in per day because of little space of resources, conversely, some websites receive great-level of traffic in per day because of huge space of resources. Thus, from the below listed ascending like smallest to biggest hosting plans, choose one plan that meets the demands of your website. Besides that, if you are freshman and want to put in place any business then order now and buy our one Spain virtual server hosting plan and as an outcome bring out your own business website today, not tomorrow. No one will try to terminate success of Spainsh people!

Cores Memory SSD Space Traffic OS Price
01 1 GB 25 GB 1000 GB Linux OS $19.95/moOn sale - Save 10% ORDER
01 2 GB 55 GB 2000 GB Linux OS $34.95/moOn sale - Save 15% ORDER
02 4 GB 80 GB 3000 GB Linux OS $59.95/mo ORDER
04 8 GB 160 GB 4000 GB Linux OS $110.95/mo ORDER
06 16 GB 320 GB 5000 GB Linux OS $214.95/mo ORDER
08 32 GB 640 GB 6000 GB Linux OS $299.95/mo ORDER
01 2 GB 55 GB 2000 GB Linux OS $49.95/mo ORDER
02 4 GB 80 GB 3000 GB Linux OS $99.95/mo ORDER
04 8 GB 160 GB 4000 GB Linux OS $198.95/mo ORDER
06 16 GB 320 GB 5000 GB Linux OS $298.95/mo ORDER

Have A Good Time

Spanish people have a good time now because ServerSlot is offering outstanding moments to grow their online companies and businesses along with giving intact control, administrative level root access, and unwrinkled performance. Our clients in Spain are fanatics of us because we have provided them custom managed cPanel, they customize and rise space of their virtual instances including SSD disk drive, RAM, Bandwidth, or CPU themselves when desired. Do not forget that uptime has a significant relation with website, without it, it is impracticable to get presence of online, although, Spanish are joyful a lot since we offer lofty uptime assurance to them.

Available Add-ons

  • WHM/cPanel control panel 5 Domains

  • Plesk control panel Web Admin

  • Additional IP

  • Internet Port

    2 Mbps to 100 Mbps

Cheap VPS Hosting Spain

Advantages of VPS Hosting in Spain

Undoubtedly, there are copious Advantages of VPS Hosting in Spain, particularly for those people who have small, mid-level or big businesses. Let's view the advantages given below:


Emphasized ranking in search engine

Brilliant! As we deliver smaller and faster SSD disk drive, thus your website will not only load with giant speed in just seconds, besides also it will extraordinary emphasize in the top-level of search engine rankings.


24/7/365 support for Spanish people

Contact our professional technical workers any time even late night during 24 hours via emails, live chats, phone calls or producing tickets, in a little while, Spanish people will get a fast response of their queries.


A Marvellous performance

Either your business website is gaining tiny traffic or unable to control high up traffic, your website will gain reliable and marvellous performance. Savor our virtual services for an extremely long time!


Data and files Security just like a pro

ServerSlot provides sturdy data and files security just like a pro through carrying out latest security steps namely SSL encryption, anti-DDoS attacks, firewalls, and little by little updates routinely. Attempt a robust password!


Get scalable and flexible solution

To accomplish your fantasy goals, we have scalable and flexible solution for you, wherefore scale upwards your virtual instances as well as you can. Colossal instances means that you have efficient power to achieve everything.


Tier 3 + Data Center in Spain

In the largest ground of Spain, we provide sufficient power switches, wholesome connection of network, top-of-the-line cloud infrastructure, and reduced latency through our well-existed Tier 3 + data center in Spain.


Say goodbye to shared hosting

You can not achieve triumphant by host your website with shared hosting since not only you have to share your instances such as bandwidth, processors, memory, in a measure, also have to share your own server with others.


Spending less money, make high

Make high money via your business by spending less money in buying our cheapest Spain virtual server hosting plans. In reality, you will receive dedicated assets, robust server, and faster SSD storage drive that will boost traffic.


Necessitate Additional IPs

If you have necessitated additional IPs to balance the immense load on the server and wish to get intensified security and privacy then ServerSlot will provide you IPv4 addresses at an increased cost.

Control Panel For Web

Management is oversimplified now for fresh and expert Spanish business people because we are supplying WHM cPanel control panel so that they can manage their servers, assets and web sites easily.

Chat/Email/Help Support

Get a dedicated support through chat with our client care associate. Spaniards can send us emails regarding their problems or create a bundle of tickets to attain solutions in a moment.

Free Hasty Setup

ServerSlot is here to setup your own website hastily for free and also do the proper SEO to grow and rank it directly. Therefore, lie back and put content, videos or images on your website.

Approve Limited

We approve limited types of payment including Visa Card, PayPal, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, MasterCard, and Perfect Money. As you wish, pick out one type of payment right now.

Pick Your Telephone

Today, pick your telephone and call our twenty-four hours available admirable technical workers if you want to obtain further details or ask any other question as you please.

Operating System

ServerSlot provides an open choice of operating system to all the people in Spain, therefore, choose today one OS from Linux distributions and Windows servers such as Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019.

Linux windows os
Linux Flavors
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debia
  • Fedora
Windows Versions
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016

Best VPS Spain Hosting Service Provider (August 2023)

Our praised web hosting agency “ServerSlot” is the best VPS Spain Hosting Service Provider in August 2023 because it doesn’t compromise the quality. Our Spain based tier 3 dc is utterly covered up with top-quality of hardware, Software, cloud technology, and modern dedicated resources namely CPU, SSD, RAM, and Bandwidth. All the Spanish people can utilize Spain virtual server for email services, VPN, trading, AI, proxy, databases, gaming, blogs, etc. If you have your offline businesses or products like shoes, clothes, supplements, vegetables, fruits, sports, motor bikes or cars, etc, you can transfer them into online businesses by building your websites, that will not only beneficial for you creating colossal money, rather also will produce name of your own brand. The excellent thing is that several people mostly prefer online shopping, not visit the offline shops. Hence, must purchase our Spain dedicated virtual hosting plans today and become our profitable and attractive clients for long-term.


Least Latency Guaranteed

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We have provided answers of your queries which you mostly ask. By the way please know all related to your queries you always have in your mind before buying a Dedicated Virtual Machine (VM).

What is VPS Hosting? Kindly explain it with a best example.

I have a best example to understand that what is the VPS, look in normal life when you want a house to live in but you have not enough money to buy it completely, anyhow you rented this house at an affordable monthly cost. Just like that, VPS is the private server or you can think as a private computer that is hosted on the internet, you have to pay rent of this on monthly base. I hope that you have cleared it all.

Why Spain Virtual Hosting is great?

Spain Virtual Hosting is great because of numerous reasons such as reduced latency, unbeatable performance, 24/7/365 continuously online presence, reliability, flexibility, security and management of server just like pro, scalability, and lots of more.

What type of Virtualization you serve?

We serve KVM-based Virtualization for virtual servers of each location, not only for Spain. KVM is best for businesses, allotment of dedicated resources, and protection.

Can you help me in getting technical knowledge?

Yes, we can but why do you need to get technical knowledge. ServerSlot gives easy-to-use virtual server and Windows RDP access to everyone, therefore, there is no need of technical knowledge. Although, for your assistance, video tutorials are available on internet.

What is the bandwidth I can expect?

In Spain virtual hosting, you can expect round about 1000 GB to 6000 GB bandwidth package, but you can enhance more at few charges. In just couple of minutes, we transfer this whole data.

Can I pay with Perfect Money to buy Spain VPS?

Why not! Yes, if you are restful to pay with Perfect Money then you can proceed now to order and buy our Spain VPS hosting. Anyhow, we have also other options of payment namely Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa Card.

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