VPS Server Hosting South Korea

South Korea having a huge success, superior electrical generating station in information technology (IT), and more than 51 million current population is situated in Eastern Asia. Serverslot has strong Tier III Data Centers in the land of South Korea containing modern technologies namely biggest space of storage drives, powerful networking, and redundant power supply. Major purpose of our hosting company is to quickly and speedily grow E-commerce, businesses, apps, and online shopping websites of Koreans globally so that they may get more popularity, and can generate highest revenue. Koreans one minor investment with our hosting company of Serverslot will definitely boost the traffic of their online websites. We are offering KVM Virtualization, new Windows and Linux operating systems, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Debian, Windows Servers, SSL Certificates without charge, control panels, Service Level Agreement (SLA), and so much more. So, must place an order, and buy our South Korea VPS hosting plan right now!

  IPv4 Range: 185.56.88.xxx, 195.229.192.xxx  

Dedicated IP
1 Dedicated IP
Full Root Access
100% Uptime
SSD Disk Drives
SSD Disk Drives
5/100 MBPs Network


Our South Korea VPS Server Hosting plans are cheap and reasonable for all Koreans. Serverslot being perfect virtual private server hosting provider supports both of smaller and bigger businessman. If you are small businessman then you should choose our first plan which covers SSD storage of 50 GB, memory of 2 GB, 1 Intel Core processor, and bandwidth of 1000 GB. On the other hand, if you are bigger businessman then you should choose our last plan which covers memory of 32 GB, bandwidth of 6000 GB, SSD of 50 GB, and 16 Intel Xeon Cores processor. For more information, you can talk with our talented technical support team through tickets, phone calls, or live chats. Our clients of Korea are glad with our VPS hosting service, and appreciate us due to the wide growth of their online websites.

Core(s) Memory Storage Traffic OS Price
01 2 GB 50 GB 1000 GB Windows Linux OS $22.95/mo ORDER
02 4 GB 50 GB 2000 GB Windows Linux OS $39.95/moOn sale - Save 21% ORDER
04 8 GB 50 GB 3000 GB Windows Linux OS $69.95/moOn sale - Save 25% ORDER
08 16 GB 50 GB 4000 GB Windows Linux OS $99.95/moOn sale - Save 17% ORDER
08 32 GB 50 GB 5000 GB Windows Linux OS $149.95/mo ORDER
16 32 GB 50 GB 6000 GB Windows Linux OS $199.95/mo ORDER

Offering Redundancy

Serverslot guarantee that your website will get maximum uptime because we offer redundancy with our plans. Redundancy means "extra", we deliver you extra reliability, scalability, security, and stability so that visitors can freely access your website and can see your content. Calm down! we reassure you that your website will run continuously and smoothly. Moreover, we also offers flexibility in which you can upgrade your resources like bandwidth, and SSD storage space or can shift from VPS to Dedicated hosting. Serverslot is here, and ready to help you each time, and independently rise your all kinds of businesses and online websites. Check out the available add-ons, and get after paying an additional charge.

Available Add-ons

  • WHM/cPanel control panel 5 Domains

  • Plesk control panel Web Admin

  • Additional IP

  • Internet Port

    2 Mbps to 100 Mbps

Cheap VPS Hosting South Korea

South Korea VPS Hosting Benefits

Our clients living in the land of South Korea will get a good deal of VPS Server Hosting Benefits such as:


Choose Serverslot to host a website

If you have a website, and looking for the best hosting provider then must choose us "Serverslot", after that, buy a domain name, and order a plan of your website requirements. We will set up and share your website globally.


24/7/365 better client support

We support our clients of South Korea in 24 hours, they are enjoying are virtual private hosting services because we give free suggestions and instructions, and help them to run their online businesses continuously.


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Serverslot offers Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate to give maximum protection to websites of Korea's clients. Without SSL, sharing of private and delicate information to others is so much unsafe and dangerous.


Choice of Windows and Linux distributions

Operating systems of Windows and Linux distributions such as Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, and Ubuntu are available, it only depends upon to you which OS you choose for your business.


Upgrade/Downgrade South Korea Plans

Clients can easily upgrade and downgrade their South Korea VPS (virtual private server) hosting plans after paying a small fees. Simply talk with us through our contact number or email, we will respond to your request.


More Scalability and Customization

Must remember that our Korea VPS hosting servers are more Scalable with improved performance. When the traffic of your website boosts just like a huge spike, you can properly customize your server yourself.


Get ownership and full grip

After buying our virtual private server of Korea, you will get ownership, full root access, hold, fast access, admin authority, and full grip over your virtual server. Relax, sit back and enjoy our hosting service!


SLA of 100% Uptime service

Service-level-agreement (SLA) is an actual commitment between Serverslot and a client. Your website will remain active and online in twenty-four hours because we are offering 100% uptime guarantee for our server.


Plesk Panel

With a little fees of $15, you will get our Plesk control panel Web Admin Edition. Furthermore, cPanel/WHM control panel having 5 domains, and also Drirect Admin panel is also available.

Cooperative Help

Cooperative support team is available to resolve your issues immediately, contact our friendly team by call, chat, ticket or email. Within seconds or minutes, you will get response of us.

Genuine SSD

Serverslot serve genuine SSD drive which has minor weight, no noise, small size, and faster than old HDD drive. Now, computer systems are giving better performance, and reliability due to SSD.


Keep in your mind that domain name is a unique address by which you can find an individual website. You can select a domain name which is unforgettable, short, and appropriate.

Root Access

If you purchase our South Korea VPS plan then you will obtain full SSH remote root access, administrative rights, and also complete power and control over server. Do whatever you want!

Individual Environment

Most respectable thing is that you will have an individual environment. You can manage your own server, install or remove any type of Software without anyone permission.

Operating System

Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian operating systems of modern Windows and Linux are available, you can select any one operating system whenever you like.

Linux windows os
Linux Flavors
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debia
  • Fedora
Windows Versions
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016

Today 2023 Best South Korea VPS Hosting Provider

Serverslot is reliable, scalable, trust-able, affordable, and best South Korea VPS Server Hosting Provider. Keep in your mind that virtual private server (VPS) hosting is basically a migrate and an upgrade choice from Shared hosting. With our affordable South Korea VPS, our clients will get an individual server, dedicated resources, memory, extra cores processor, and SSD storage drive. If your business requires more and high level of resources then you may move from VPS Hosting to our UAE dedicated hosting. The main objective of our hosting company of Serverslot is to grow, rank high up in google search engines, and reach more audience to your website. Our engineers and IT team is available as 24/7 security to support our clients of Singapore.

Buy Our Cheap Virtual Servers in South Korea

In the ground of South Korea, you can buy our cheap and inexpensive virtual servers to run quickly your business. With the small price of $22 investment per month, you can get started your small business. After some months, if you earn extra revenue then you can simply add resources into your active plan to run smoothly your business. Apart from monthly plans, we have also annual plans, if you have interest then you can contact our support team for gaining more details. As Serverslot offers cheapest KVM Virtual private servers with Linux and Windows, so, we are exactly different from other hosting companies. So, if you are looking for extra storage, one-click installation, more availability of resources then become our client by placing an order.


Least Latency Guaranteed

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Should know all relevant to your questions you always have in your mind before buying a Virtual Machine.

Why Serverslot is best VPS Hosting service?

Becuase of 100% uptime guarantee, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days an year technical support, cheap and low-budget plans, and SSH root access, Serverslot is the best VPS hosting service throughout the world.

What is the advantage to buy South Korea VPS?

Our South Korea VPS hosting is so much beneficial if you want to manage your VPS yourself, control panel is the best tool for the purpose of management. Virtual Server is also good for better performance, and more control.

What South Korea VPS Hosting is so cheap?

South Korea VPS hosting is so much cheap because we wants to grow businesses and websites of those people who have so much minor and lowest money. Don't worry at all, pay less and get more!

Is Fedora operating system available?

Of course! Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian operating systems are available, not only Fedora operating system. You can select and purchase any OS whenever you demand.

Do Serverslot offers more Scalability?

Yes, Serverslot offers scalability to our clients. With our South Korea VPS, we give more power to manage high-trafficking spikes on websites, and also deliver a huge environment to grow globally. At this time, you may require to upgrade your resources.

Can you guide me about payment method?

To buy South Korea VPS Server Hosting, we will guide you easiest payment methods from which you can choose one. Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, Visa Card, Perfect Money, PayPal, Master Card are our payment methods.

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