VPS Server Hosting Ukraine

ServerSlot is offering fair Virtual Private Server Hosting services and dedicated support in the location of Ukraine which is familiar as the second-biggest country in Eastern Europe. As we have heard that Ukraine is still developing and poorest country in Europe, nevertheless our hosting department assure Ukrainian people that in due course of time, the country of Ukraine will be called as the most richest country not only in Europe, rather also in World. It could be if Ukrainians make an effort to save a few dollars of their salaries and invest it to ServerSlot. Don't get in a flap if you are fresher and have not awareness to set out a business website, we are here for you not only to set out your website, willingly also will help you definitely for free to monitor and to widen your business in due time by giving great volume of traffic. Aside from that, those Ukrainians who already have their online business websites, applications, apps, and eCommerce shopping sites including rozetka, epicentrk, etc, will not only obtain furthermore visitors, preferably will also obtain aptness to handle limitless traffic. Consequently, in the fullness of time, no one can stop Ukrainian people to achieve their dream objectives at all.

  IPv4 Range: 185.56.88.xxx, 195.229.192.xxx  

Dedicated IP
1 Dedicated IP (IPv4)
Full Root Access
Root Administrator Access & Control
SSD Disk Drives
Blazing-Fast NVMe Disk Drives
5/100 MBPs Network


All Ukrainian people can buy our reliable Ukraine VPS plans to cast away hardship. Right outside your door, we have ingrained Tier 3+ data center which includes securest and firmest network, blazing-fast NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) storage disk drive, and power switches as redundant. It is nice to know that you will pay a reasonable fixed fees to order a virtual server hosting plan in Ukraine however you will gain root administrator access via remote desktop, general control on the server via fully-managed custom cPanel, KVM Virtualization, 1 single dedicated IP (IPv4) as well as excessive dedicated resources in particular memory, processor, and very much more. By the way, choose one virtual hosting plan now from the following written plans of minimum and maximum prices.

Core(s) Memory NVMe Storage Traffic OS Price
02 2 GB 30 GB Unlimited Linux OS $22.95/mo ORDER
02 4 GB 50 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $33.95/moOn sale - Save 23% ORDER
04 6 GB 60 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $46.95/moOn sale - Save 30% ORDER
04 8 GB 80 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $69.95/moOn sale - Save 14% ORDER
06 10 GB 90 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $95.95/mo ORDER
08 12 GB 140 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $135.95/mo ORDER
10 14 GB 160 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $159.95/mo ORDER
16 16 GB 200 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $189.95/mo ORDER
20 24 GB 300 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $239.95/mo ORDER
24 32 GB 400 GB Unlimited Windows Linux OS $288.95/mo ORDER

Set More

Linked Ukrainian clients of us with ServerSlot can set more dedicated instances in their VPS plans to get online plane and immense performance for always. We have an encouraging news for you that as ServerSlot is offering a guarantee of 100% Uptime, so being peace of mind, your business website will get one hundred percent online presence but you should remember that once in a while due to again and again lots of visitors or untold traffic on your website, capabilities of your instances become fewer. As an outcome because of downtime, your website become offline, be lost to view and even don't rank in search engine. So, before facing this type of disappearance and loss, you should set more virtual instances at the proper time.

Available Add-ons

  • WHM/cPanel control panel 5 Domains

  • Plesk control panel Web Admin

  • Additional IP

  • Internet Port

    2 Mbps to 100 Mbps

Cheap VPS Hosting Ukraine

Major Advantages of Ukrainian VPS Hosting

ServerSlot offers major Advantages/Benefits of Ukrainian VPS Hosting such as flexibility, reasonable cost, scalability, reliability, high up security, reformed performance, stability, and far more.


Reasonable cost than dedicated server

Contrast to the high-cost dedicated server, Ukrainian virtual server has reasonable cost. If you have a medium-size of business then you must purchase our VPS hosting because you will obtain the advantages of dedicated hosting.


Ease of scalability and pure stability

To get your website as reachable day and night or when your website spreads, you can scale above or below instances of your server. Without scalability and stability, you can't achieve your goals forthwith.


Acquire a reformed performance

Since ServerSlot is delivering jumbo instances such as NVMe drive, processor, and memory to all Ukrainian people so their websites will gain reformed performance that they never acquired at any rate.


24x7x365 support for Ukrainian people

Ukrainian people will attain twenty-four a day, seven days a week, and three hundred sixty-five days a year well-disposed client support. Anyhow, contact us by creating a ticket, live chat, email, or phone call.


High up security features

Although security is our first antecedent and without it, no one can secure his business, that is why, ServerSlot delivers high up security features to each user including DDoS protection, firewall, SSL, and new updates.


100% reliability and flexibility

ServerSlot offers one hundred percent reliability and flexibility to the people living in Ukraine. Our virtual servers are separated and fully managed, therefore, each user can configure their resources as custom.


Ukrainians can rank businesses globally

We are confident that especially Ukrainians will be delighted to hear that they can rank their businesses globally, not only in the ground of Ukraine. So, enjoy our dedicated services, and get clients from each country.


Get fully-Managed custom cPanel

Main goal of giving fully-managed custom cPanel is that you can manage your server and instances without hiring of any experienced person. If you have not ability of management then contact our experienced team today.


Host Forex Trading

You can host your any online project including microservices, mail services, small or big databases, proxy, blogs, forex trading, applications, low or high traffic websites, etc.

Fedora OS

ServerSlot offers a generous choice of Windows/Linux operating systems such as Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, and Windows Server 2019 from which you can choose one as you want.

Install Now Software

Install now any category of Software like WordPress, WHM/cPanel, Direct Admin, KVM, OpenVZ, Web Admin Plesk, Windows Server STD, etc, on our Ukraine based Virtual Server.

Transfer Today

Take it easy! We are here to transfer your active website to ServerSlot without any extra fees and assure that your website will not only grow, rather will get elevated performance.

Active Team

Expert and technical support team of us is active for you in twenty-four hours to give a fast response of your emails, phone calls, tickets, and live chats. Ukrainians can contact now!

Methods of Payment

Our methods of payment are common namely MasterCard, Perfect Money, PayPal, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, and Visa Card. Select one and set up your business today!

Operating System

With our Ukraine Virtual Server, ServerSlot offers operating systems containing CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019.

Linux windows os
Linux Flavors
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debia
  • Fedora
Windows Versions
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016

2023's Best Ukraine VPS Hosting Provider

In this month of July, the 2023's Best Ukraine VPS Hosting Provider is ServerSlot because it provides 100% online presence, secure dedicated environment, guaranteed resources, super-fast servers, KVM-based VPS, 24x7x365 tech support, smart one-click installation, cost-effectiveness, fastest server deployment in 30-minutes, multi-core CPU for quick processing, high-space of RAM, fast-moving NVMe drive, and considerably more. By reason of supplying free SSL Certificates and virtual servers since over five years ago, many of our clients trust our topnotch web hosting company ServerSlot. The major benefit of VPS hosting is that each user get a separate physical server by Virtualization and resources which are not shared to another users. That's wonderful! No one hacker, spammer, or scammer can access your privacy, private information, files, data or documents without your seal of approval. One of these fine days, Ukrainian people will attain extraordinary great change on their businesses due to our reliable virtual hosting. Success of Ukrainians is our success!


Least Latency Guaranteed

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Efficiently, must know all related to your queries you always have in your mind before buying a Virtual Machine (VM).

Why Ukraine VPS Hosting is ideal for me?

Ukraine VPS Hosting of us is ideal for you because we give broad-ranging choice of Windows and Linux distributions, infinite bandwidth, firewalls, DDoS protection, colossal resources, easy-to-manage WHM/cPanel, expert support through email, call, live chat, and ticket, and much more.

Does ServerSlot provide Dedicated Ukraine Server?

That's true. Besides VPS Server, ServerSlot also provides Dedicated Ukraine Server which includes Unlimited 1 Gbps high traffic, 480 GB of SSD storage, 64 GB DDR4 of memory, 2 x Intel Xeon processor, fully-managed dedicated server, 24/7/365 client support, administration root access, complete control over the server, high performance, security, dedicated resources, isolated environment, unique IP addresses, scalability, 100% uptime guarantee, and far more. Buy Dedicated Server Ukraine right now!

Can I upgrade or downgrade my VPS plan?

Yes, to get fabulous and flat performance, you can upgrade or downgrade your VPS plan by making client area account and using our custom Web Host Manager / cPanel control panel.

How to boost speed of website loading?

Without a reliable platform, you can't get anything that you want. Give thanks to ServerSlot which is reliable and supports to boost the speed of your website loading by delivering high volume of traffic and blazing-fast NVMe drive.

Is low latency offered by ServerSlot?

Of course, ServerSlot offers lowest latency to all Ukrainian people who are living closer to our Ukraine based TIER III data center. Enjoy our affordable VPS hosting services for many years!

How to conveniently buy Ukraine VPS Server?

If you want to conveniently buy our Ukraine Virtual Private Server hosting then select one type of payment from the following like PayPal, Visa Card, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, MasterCard, or Perfect Money.

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