VPS Server Hosting Jordan

Jordan VPS Server Hosting

Virtual private server hosting is popular hosting option now a days for small to medium sized businesses. Its famous because in VPS you have the capability to rent small portion of server which is completely dedicated for ones business at a very minimal cost like shared hosting. So this type of hosting is a hybrid between shared hosting and dedicated server and provide you with a flexible, cost effective and fully scalable environment that help in your business growth. Choosing the best company for VPS server in Jordan is crucial, becuase it is your requirements and the services offered by a company that will define which company works best for you. Being more than 12 years experienced and trusted VPS hosting provider, we ensure that your businesses meet their full capability at cheap cost with maximum uptime and high performance, by our well configured Windows and Linux VPS hosting solutions. It is just a myth that cheap VPS hosting is not reliable, the reliability is totally dependent on the infrastructure of a data center.

Jordan Virtual Private Servers

If you are not sure and confusion makes you uneasy that when you should move from shared hosting to VPS server, then here are some of the facts which will help you in making a better decision regarding choosing your type of web hosting. If you have outgrown the resources provided by your shared hosting account or if you do not want that your allocated ram, disk and hardware resources to be shared with other users. You are concerned about security, want maximum control on the resources of server then it is time to shift your website or applications from shared environment to virtual private server. You can fulfill your specific OS requirements and create a fully customized environment perfectly compatible for the high performance of your apps. Depending on ones knowledge, experience and skills it is not easy job to make your business successful online. We know and understand it thats why we promise to take care of most frustrating part by providing you guaranteed resources and fulfilling all your web hosting needs. We have well qualified and experienced tech team so our engineers may control and manage all your tech related issues and you can set yourself free for the more important things.

Jordan VPS Hosting

Our tech team and experienced engineers have tons of experience about managing servers, so they will ensure that your VPS hosting service is at its top performance. We provide well tailored VPS server solutions to meet all your web hosting needs by installing any mandatory softwares if required. You do not need to worry if you do not have any prior knowledge or experience of mantaining an online website, our tech team will do everything necessary for you, on your behalf. We provide well configured optimally prepared VPS servers. We will install your requested operating system, any additional softwares such as CMS for you, so get in touch with technical support team to get your task done. Our engineers will transfer all your files and data from your old provider to our server and will deploy the backups if necessary with zero downtime.

Jordan VPS Server

We are concered about privacy and security of data and provide powerful well equipped servers so you can serve your data online in complete protection against DDos attacks and can switch to HTTPs protocol by installing SSL certificate. Our dedicated and experienced support team is available 24/7/365 to fix problems and assist you in case if you need any kind of help. Our tech team will walk you through to install any required softwares and to solve any problem if you have related to your server. We have large knowledgebase and tutorials in which we provide you with detailed instructions regarding installation of any customized software if you need.